Why Does it Cost $25.00 for Mall Members and $125.00 for non-Mall Members?

There are many advantages to belonging to the Todd County eMall. This show is just one example. At the Distributor Show, the eMall takes a 10% commission, and makes products available to shops all year around. Shop owners can order on-line or through a toll free number (888-888-7048). The eMall also does advertising for products for it's members

Members of the the Todd County eMall sell their items on the internet. After 2/21/2004 there is $25.00 fee to join the mall. After that you have no costs. You set a price on your items, and the eMall resells them for a 10% commission. If you are within 60 miles of Browerville, the eMall handles all shipping and handling. The eMall handles payment and credit card transactions. All you have to do is supply the product on time and in good condition.

Many of the products available on the eMall can be put together in special baskets. During the year, the eMall will package items together to help sell them. There are special packages for Christmas, Valentines Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day and MORE.