As we wander on
to the end of life,
We put behind all
that created strife.
We remember the good,
we forget the bad.
We don't remember why
we were ever mad.
The future is unknown---
ours to behold---
Treat all of your life
as if it were gold.
Look for the best
in all that you do----
Your spirit, your heart,
to yourself do be true.

Carmy Anthony

Each month we will bring you new creative works from people connected to Todd County and the surrounding area. This above work, to me anyway, exemplifies why I love the rural area. I have lived in the city all of my adult life. This was a good thing for me, but there it is more difficult to sit back and reflect. It is more difficult to take time to really get to know people.

The top photo on this page is a farm house of a family that has been on their farm for 100 or more years. The two photos after the poem are views from my front and back yard. Here, I can sit back and reflect on what life should be. Take a few minutes and do the same, not matter where you are. Then browse our stores to see products from people who enjoy these values and this life.