Announcing the Todd County eMall Distributor Show

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Request Information or Register

You do not need to bring all of your products to show.   A large representative sample will do. Sales can be made at the show, and you may wish to have products available in your vehicle. We will provide transportation to Shops who want to make a large purchases to a local eMall Vendor.

Please bring a list of your products with your suggested price. The wholesale price will be your best price adjusted for a 10% fee to the eMall.

After the show, we will be focusing on selling to gift shops. We will be talking to the shop owners and with their input we will be raising the prices of items on the Mall. This will bring in the Mall prices to what the shops think they can sell the item for. Shops and Mall members can buy items at the wholesale price. Shops must sell the item at 30% to 100% higher than they buy at wholesale. Be prepared to discuss prices.

Thank You

A. John Peters
Todd County eMall a Division of OTG-DSS Inc.
W-320-594-7023 or 888-888-7048