The Todd County eMall brings together the people who create beautiful and innovative products with people that can use and appreciate well crafted items made with heart and conscientious effort. The mall was created in the fall of 2002. It offers virtual "floor space" to creative people in Todd County and the surrounding area. We are allowing these people web access and advertising, so they can join together to create an affordable outlet for their products. By doing this, we can reduce the costs for the customer while giving them access to unique items.

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Every product in this store was created by award winning merchants. In our General Store we have doll tents, children's cloths, woven rugs, adult fleeces,quilts,note card and wood carvings. Soon we will be adding hand crafted wooden toys, wood products, candles and specialty foods.

Our Mall also has specialty shops such as River Forest Gallery. This store offers fine works of art including the paintings of Nancy Leasman, hand drawn greeting cards and pottery. We will be adding a furniture store and specialty food store.

We have now added The Todd County eMall Craft Supplies. This store houses quality material for your craft products.

Also, each month we will be providing free virtual floor space to non-profit organizations and churches. If you cannot find what you are looking for today, come back again, because we are adding stores every week.

Barb Gieske and Valerie Filbert Win Photo Contest!

If you are a customer, please go to any of our stores and see what we have. You do not have to register unless you wish to. Click here to see our store policies.

If you are someone from Central Minnesota, and you wish to sell items, see our slide show or our Terms and Conditions .

I hope that whether you produce wonderful products or wish to view and buy these products, that you will have an enriching experience by coming here. If you live in a city, I hope we can portray what it is like in rural Central Minnesota.

The Founders, John and Ellen